Graduation Day today! Pretty nervous and of course I am feeling petrify in front of thousands of people. The night before I sleep a little late( 2 a.m. ) because I cannot sleep and because I am nervous and terrified that I might wake up late because we have to be at school at 6 o'clock.. Then,I wake up at 5 a.m. yeayyy! Get ready and stuff . Then my dad give me a ride to school. Then I waited for my friend and found them. Then get our graduation uniform and quickly go to the bus. Obviously, we need to be ready before we reach the destination, MSU. It is pretty hard doing all the pinning stuff with the hood on a moving bus. I don't have time to eat my breakfast and I'm starving. As we reached we need to quickly walk to the square thing. Our school is the first school that will be receiving the certificate. While waiting for other school to arrive, obviously, picture taking is crucial. We have to line up to go all the way to the hall, We also get to sit at the front part. My claa have to sit at the very front row. Then a Professor giving a speech. Finally the time has arrive. We have to line up and there were men( idk what to call them) show us how to walk and mishmash regarding things that we need to do on the stage. It is not that bad, I have to walk even faster because of my skirt is killing me! I am hoping the photo will turn up good. Then there's two people congratulating us at the end of the stage, which is nice. It is time for class photo! Then back to the hall nd wait for another 8 schools receiving theirs. I went to the toilet with my friend and ther is some random guy pretyend to give me a flower and I was like astonished and the guy was like Oh wrong person! Then I heard it was like a prank. Then back to the hall and we're gossiping, laughing and all that malarkey. There are some people who perform and there is the video that they showed everything that happen before the graduation and its pretty sad. Cheers and photo taking for all the students. Take our food and wait for the bus. Eat in the bus and arrive school and finally I  am home.It was tiring. I had blisters at the back of my feet maybe because it is a new shoes. Then clean myself and I fell asleep until the next morning.I have some mental breakdown . THE END.

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