Ooops. Here it is.
1. So this olive theory based on you and Lily. You hate olives. Lily loves them. You can't stand them.(yeah I hate them). Two weeks ago at Spanish Bar in 79 street, dish olives you had some. What up?
2. Oh he was not good thanks. He was not good thanks at all.
3. Oh got it.This some b***h had been in there since breakfast. Robin one, poppy seed zero.
4. Did you just say Gary Blauman.(yeah). Gary Bl(yes). Blauman comma Gary ?(come on boys , get to the damn). I love that we have the opportunity to ruin Gary Blauman weekend by kick him out of the wedding.
5. This guy's awesome.(So awesome). I totally go to jail for him. ( That hurts).
6. You were not wedding absent, no sir. You were wedding present. Wedding present. I think he got it.
7. We go big tonight, 3:45. (9:45! Baby no sleepy,Barney dying.)
8. You know James since now I've got Robin. We are not brothers anymore. If you two on the cliff and I have one hand free, enjoy the fall ahbyebye.
9.  You guys are hilarious and adorable.(do you now who this guys is?) ( No, but I like how he thinks how hilarious and adorable we are). (We are hilarious and adorable).
10. You moving to Chicago? Lily know. Marshall and Robin don't so please be quiet. You moving to Chicago?! Hey he's moving to Chicago.

Actually,  there's more.

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