Pendidikan Islam is okay. I don't want to say any further about that. Today post is going to be a little bit different, its old  photos when I was 15. Innocent faces, enjoy. *Whilst listening to my jam
Firstly,this is me trying to take a picture for outfit of the day. It kind of turns out good. Thanks to my sister. Regarding from the picture above the shirt that I wore was lost somewhere(i miss you).Its my favourite shirt indeed. The bag is actually was 2 days old that time.This was at my aunt's house. In case, Shirt- Padini , Bag- Cleef.

That is my baju kurung back then in 2012. Obviously outfit of the day. Baju kurung -  boutique,Shoes- Bata. There's me on my feet on the  road. What else ? 

Just look at my fashion sense. Pink and leopard.Vaining at its best.There's my sister beside me there. I don't have any idea why I'm covering my mouth. Details :
Shawl-random shop, Shirt- F.O.S, Colourful pin- pasar malam, Sunglasses- Abah's (RayBan). Missing the time.

Weird hand gesture. I am enjoying the view(not really). I LOVE THIS PICTURE!

I had to cover her face. Now I'm with a snail. A cute blue snail. By the way, just look at the condition of my scarf and smile weirdly. What even is that?I was at the school's hall at that time. Chilling.

Last but not least, me taking a selfie in the car. Tribal shirt was huge that time. My face just....
and awkwardly smile. Tribal shirt- Ti:Zed, Scarf-not sure.
So that is basically my post for today,hope you guys enjoy. All of the photos in here was in 2012. A lot of memories, but I'm not the robust person ever to insert everything in here. 
                                                         Also I found these today:
                                                               I AM SPEECHLESS.

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