July favourites also known as my Ramadhan faves. The first thing would be food. Karipap gajah is the bomb. Its just so good. I just can eat them all day everyday.
The next thing is video category. I watch this particular video like 7 days straight.

My new ffavourite thing will be my new bag. I love it. 
It's so spacious so that I can just literally throw everything that I need in there. The studs detailing is my favourite. 

I will miss the month of Ramadhan so much. I love the spirit during that time like waking up early in the morning for Sahur, get back from school just lying around and clean up the house and cook for breaking fast , Raya shopping and just everything about it. Im going to miss you. See you next year Ramadhan. ♥♡
Raya time is also my favourite time of the year.

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