Can I just say this is by far one of my horrible day everrrr. I wake up like 8:55 in the morning then in just head downstairs and smile at someone and that someone just doesn't smile at me back. I was like is there anything wrong ?!! Then serve the breakfast and stuff. Then I'm taking a bath and I went out, and all of them were gone. I feel so frustrated and bored just sitting at home. Then I read some Biology. Then I have to help something(me again). Then went for a little shopping trip. I'm not enjoying that because if I have some money with me, I will ALWAYS spend on something that I don't really need. Then, back home (my hometown). People keep blaming me and everything. I did cry a little. Then went to my aunt's house and just because of  that one thing my mood for that night just ruined completely. I didn't eat anything that has been served. I just sat there somewhere playing candy crush. I also didn't really keen to join all the photo taking session. Then went to my other aunt's ,I did eat some of the cookies.  I also did some Chemistry that night,  because I feel like doing it . HDE !!!!!

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