I did wake up early in the morning. (Indeed, not to early,but, early for me). We went to The Curve. We planning on going to Aidijuma,  but, there's nothing that I like. So we went to The Body Shop and pick up some stuff. The we went to Padini Authentic and I got a new bag. Yeayy. I'm so happy I got it. I'm planning to buy my shoes too, but ended up not getting it. Then , we continue with baju kurung hunting. We finally got one for my sissy. Then, we went to Shah Alam for Zuhr pray. Then, we finally found my baju kurung. Its the exact same like what I wanted but its just RM 1 expensive. I don't mind about that. I also found the polka dot one. Apparently, they doesn't have my size. We went to Bazaar Shah Alam and got some food. I just sat in the car actually. Then, I sleep  quite early  that night.  Is it break fasting or breaking fast ?

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