May favourites ! I have 3 videos.Firstly is

Whats In My Bag | NiomiSmart
I watched this video like 4 to 5 times now.I don't know I just like it. Secondly goes to

My Shoe Collection | Lily Pebbles
 Actually, I just discovered about it. Its kinda fun to watch. Such a nice editing.The last video goes to

11. Memories | Will Darbyshire
I LOVE IT (it is so calming)
My next favorite is my esseential that is my headphones. I wear them whilst I was in the car, at night before I go to sleep, everytime should I say. It feels like I'm in my own world.(not really)
Next is Camping. I went to camp 2 weeks ago. I thought it gonna be so boring, it wasn't bad at all.It was fun. I've posted my experiences about the camp on my previous post. Here.
Last but not least, what happen last weekend. I had to meet with my big family, which is so much fun. My cousin's getting married. Just to sum up, this month has been so good to me. I quite please. I am looking forward to JUNE.

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