Add Maths was like 50-50. I still manage to answer some of the questions. During the paper 2, I skip the section A(I still manage to finish it before the exam ends). I don't why suddenly I feel like I cannot do any of it at all. It makes me so nervous. So I did the section B and section C first. For the first time, I felt relief after did my Add Mathematics' exam. I'm hoping to pass this time and improve everything before my trial SPM and real SPM. Right now I'm just chilling while drink my coffee. Its raining so heavily outside. Yeayyy don't have school tomorrow. Done with 30 minutes of exercise. I have to get myself a little bit active just cause I feel tired almost all the time. So yeah. After so long I finally get back to my old routine which I go to tuition by my bicycle. Everything is great. Breaking Bad here I come !     

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