I just got back from the camping. It was so much fun.  As we arrived, we played breaking ice. We have to go to the group based on what the Facilitator said. It based on our Birth month, birth place, favourite colour and class. Then, we had brunch. After that, we had to divide to our own group.I'm in the group 8 with 9 other people. Squirrel symbolises our group. Our motto SHARP, FAST AND PROTECTIVE. I'm as the time ( I don't remember) have to make sure all the members in my group gathered on time. I planned to take a bath but, unluckily there's shortage of water so I kinda stink. During the presentation and qperformance our group didn't do very well I have to admit. All the activities were so good. I slept during the Alone in the dark cuz I feel sleepy, I cannot help it. We learnt knotting,  navigate and survival cooking. We can cook the egg in the ground too. How cool is that ?! I've got to sleep with my classmate( we slept in the tent btw). Thanks for having me guys. I brought my phone with me so, I got listen to a song until I fell asleep actually, until I wake up.We slept at 2 a.m and woke up at 5 a.m . I have to force myself to get up or else. Then I go to the bathroom alone and wait for my turn . Its taking for ever !!1 Then done with my Subuh prayer and go back to my tent and having a little nap. I just sat at my tent until 7 a.m alone. We gathered in a group again and there's a member in my group haven't woken up yet ( im going to die ). Then the early comers have to do burpees sinchronisingly. What even ?! After that, we have like Aerobic session not really. It was fun. Then, we had breakfast and continue with the activity (navigate). I'm kinda proud with my group cause we got the exact bearing measurement ( 222 ). Here come the last activity JUNGLE TREKKING. I kinda afraid of this one. I have been on the jungle trekking and it was terrifying. This time is lot better. During the jungle trekking we saw a frog with red eyes jumping at us at the very steep ground. I have to admit I hate frog . Luckily we able to get through that FROG. Then we get to go to the water fall. I just sat around and just wash my feet. After the 5 minutes walk we finally arrived at the camp site. Yeay it was tiring. As soon as we arrived I quickly go to the bathroom and take a bath and of course it takes forever. I'm done with my Zuhr prayer and I pack all my things and fold the tent back again. Then I'm all set. I don't have my lunch cause I'm just so excited to go home. We have to gathered again and we have been punished because of the late comers. We have to freaking lay on the tar like our face facing the ground until it rains. Then the facilitator asked us to go in and had our last slot. Give some reflection then we dance a little bit and saying goodbye. Before we go, we have to pick up all the rubbish around the camp site. Then you know the photo taking session. Take a picture with my classmates. I didn't get to take a picture with my crush ughhh! Then we go home and I eat in the bus ( they gave us some food ).THAT'S IT !
The bottle and string that need to be kept until the end of the camp

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