I wanted to do my monthly favourites today. Firstly, I have been loving the Shiso Eye Serum I believe, and its  from The Body Shop. I asked the worker there for an eye cream sample and he gave me this one. The worker said that this product helps to moisturise the eyes and brighten them up. For me, it does help with moisturise my eyes and see a slight changes to my dark circles. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and I'm loving it.
Here it comes. My new fave youtuber it is LILY PEBBLES. I just discovered about her on youtube. I just love her videos . I am so in love with her style. Its just effortlessly chic and smart. Check her out on Youtube . Finally,  it's song of the month, The End of The Road by Boyz-II-Men. I'm obsessed. Its an old song,but oh well. I just I highly recommend to you guys. That's it and thanks for stopping by . Bye !

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