My Night Routine

Salam and Hello.Today I'm going to share about my night routine. Its like how my daily night goes.My night routine started after I done with my Isha' prayer.

  • I go to the kitchen to make some coffee, cause that's how I prevent from eating at night . I bring the coffee and a bottle of plain water upstairs.
  • Then, I just grab my phone and go on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and play games . I also like to read blogs and stalk people(shhhh).
  • I also watch my favourite TV show online.
  • After I feel a little bit sleepy, I went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth(after I finished my coffee of course).
  • Then go back to my bed and grab my phone again ( I feel awake after went to the bathroom ) and I watched Youtube videos. 
  • When I feel bored I play games like Candy Crush Saga and Papa Pear Saga.When, I'm out of lives.
  • I listen to the radio until I fall asleep.
So, that's how my daily night goes during the school holiday. I always go to sleep late, like really late(3 am).I am so sorry there's no any photo.I hope you guys enjoyed.Bye :)

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