My Experience : Riding a spaceshot

Have you guys ever ride on a spaceshot?  Is it fun ? Well, I've rode a spaceshot. It was amazing. I'm going to share my experience with you guys. The spaceshot that I went was in Genting Highland. I'm never tempting to ride on a spaceshot. That time I was like " I'm gonna give it a try. " I go  with my sister. We line up, chose our seat and tighten the seat belt. The thing that we sat on is going up slowly until it's reaching the highest point and  I started to hear siren.Suddenly , the seats going down really really fast ! It feels like you are about to fall to the ground. I also feel like loosing my teeth. The seats go up like half way and then go down until like 3 times and FINISHED ! As soon as I get down, my cousin ( I went with my cousin too but she didn't go on a spaceshot ) she said my face looks pale. The next day I got a fever. It was a crazy and scary experience. So yeah.That's it for today. Enjoy and bye guys : )

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