11th October 2013

Assalamuaikum and Hello. Today I have an exam for PJ N P.Sivik . Its quite easy lah. Then, I got to meet my bestfriend Afifah.She come to school and we get to walk home together. Im so so happy after a long time (since we last met was in January).Word of the day learnt from Afifah mencapap .lol. I was shocked when I got a notification from INSTAGRAM that my cousin told me that my other cousin is getting engaged . I was like :0 . Also ,  I'm addicted to Ben Brown's vlog. I'm watching the vlog every single night before I going to sleep. It is addictive. You guys should check it out .Its Ben Brown.

You guys should check Jack Harries '  Vine namely the FREE RUNNING . XD.
Im gonna leave you guys with my baby Finn Harries ; >

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