18th Oct 2013

Assalamualaikum and Hello everybody ! I feel so so relief after I finished my BM and ENGLISH exam this week. FUHHHHHH! More paper to go.I cant wait for next week.English paper I do an essay about What I wish for in Life. I just hope for the  best of course .Have you guys heard about Madilyn Bailey ? I love her !!!1 My current favourite cover of her is Lorde-Royals(cover)
and Mirror(cover)
Both songs are on repeat like crazy. You guys should check their channel out its MADILYN BAILEY and MEGANNICOLESITE on Youtube.
Also, I am obsessed with COTTON ON right now. I just in love with their clothings, jewelry, bags and many more. I  wish I can go shopping now,but, I am penniless right now.So yeah.This is all for today.Im gonna see you guys soon.Bye ; )

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